The wedding morning can be somewhat of an enigma. The idea of making it relaxing and fun whilst you're on a time schedule and managing a lot of people can seem like a mountain you simply can't climb. Don't worry! There's a few simple things you can do to make sure that it can be an enjoyable part of the day and help things run a little more smoothly.

What's in the box?

You've planned your wedding day for so long and the details really do matter. If you want a gorgeous details shot the best way to do this is to pop it all in a shoebox that I can grab and go (things like shoes, jewellery, perfume and even a blank invite). This means you a) know it's all in one place and b) don't have to keep hunting for bits just to take one set of photos.

Also, for you fellow 'Type A' personalities it means that you can do a lovely tick box list to make sure everything is there and ready.

Keep it tidy(ish)

I am a lover of capturing the chaos and all the unplanned moments on a wedding day but, especially in a smaller space, keeping things tidy is pretty important. Just keeping tings neatly stored or giving someone a job to make sure things are tidy will help make things easier in the long run.

Usually there's a mad moment when people are trying to find all their things and this can eat into whatever precious time you have in the morning. Talking of which...

Time goes by so slowly...until the last hour

Time is a linear thing, a constant and generally goes by at the same pace...until about an hour before your wedding ceremony.

I don't know what kind of wormhole the world falls into for this time but it goes by in a heartbeat. Try to make sure everyone is ready and knows what time they need to be dressed. You don't want to be rushing around in that last hour and feeling flustered and stressed. Just keep a little eye on the time.

Also, I can guarantee that getting dresses done up always takes longer than you think!

A dib and a dab

Your florist is a lovely human and has hand crafted gorgeous blooms so they will usually be arriving in water to make sure they look fresh and plump for as long as possible (especially in the summer months).

This does mean there's a risk of 'drippage' and no one wants to be walking down the aisle looking like they've had an accident. Around forty minutes before you leave take the flowers out of the water and dab them with a towel or some kitchen roll to get the excess water off.

Also, remember 'Pubes not Boobs' for placement. Keeping the bouquet low will look much better on photographs.

Giving gifts?

If you're planning on giving gifts to your special people then make sure you set aside some time to do this. It's a nice moment to sit down and take a little time to relax and have a laugh - or a cry. Trust me, your make up artist will thank you for giving them time to touch up any mascara that may have run during the emotional moments.

Both sides of the story.

Whilst generally the focus on the morning prep is usually on the bride - what happens if there's two brides? Two grooms? Or the groom wants in on the action too.

Well, either a second photographer is an option or if you're getting ready in the same location I come with walkie talkies so that the important bits can be captured in a timely manner.

Take time to breathe

The last thing you want is to be rushing to get into your wedding outfit and feeling like you're being dragged out the door. Give yourself plenty of time to get dressed, breathe and even take a seat. You're going to be wearing it for a long day so make sure you're comfortable and can breathe.

Sometimes it can all feel a little overwhelming so having a little moment to yourself can make a world of difference to any anxieties, nerves or worries you have.

The first look

A great moment on any wedding day is the first look. Whoever is involved it's a time for smiles, tears and the odd laugh so make sure time is set aside for this too. It may need to have in a different location or people might need to be moved about (I've lost count of the amount of bride's fathers I've had to hunt down) so whilst logistics may not be high on the priority list having the time to organise it will make a world of difference.