There's nothing I love more than watching a couple's nerves disappear as they realise what their engagement shoot is going to be. So many couples arrive at their pre-wedding shoot nervous and worried about being posed and prodded to get some beautiful shots. I can tell you now this is absolutely not how I work! I love to celebrate people for who they are and how they show their love whether that's with cuddles and kisses or jokes and silliness - or a bit of both!

I met Ruby and Robert at the gorgeous Coughton Court near Studley and it's such a gorgeous place to photograph with open fields, woodlands and manicured gardens there's such a range of places to play with. Both were a little hesitant when I first met them but after a little bit of a walk and a chat they soon relaxed and were letting themselves show.

The whole walk was just casual and light as we got to know each other and I learned what worked for them. Obviously I get the shots that you need to make Moms happy - I know who I need to charm - but Ruby and Robert ended up with a gorgeous gallery that, I think, shows who they are. I can't wait for their wedding, I can tell it's going to be a relaxed, warm and friendly kinda wedding.

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