I met this lovely pair of humans at the National Wedding Show and pretty much instantly knew they were 'my kinda people'. Their plans for a glorious DIY wedding made me so excited and I knew they would be absolute naturals in front of the camera.

Because of their wedding being towards the end of October we decided that a lovely summer, golden hour shoot would be a wonderful way of capturing their pre-wedding shoot and my god it turned out wonderfully! We went for a gorgeous walk at the location of their engagement and what a stunning location it was! My instinct was proved correct as these two just laughed and made the absolute most of the shoot by just being 100% them and from the get go I was getting gold in the camera.

It was everything I want from couples for an engagement shoot - let's just have a laugh and realise that I'm not going to be dictating your wedding day just capturing you for who you are and your love for exactly what it is (even if it means throwing sweets into each others mouths or practicing your 'Hollywood dips')

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