Scott and Claire took advantage of my 'Middle One' package to capture their wedding day and we absolutely made the most of the time they had with me. It was a glorious day at Ashton Lodge Country House just outside of Rugby and the whole day was relaxed, homely and ended with karaoke which all good evenings do right? (Although, Scott's dad thrusting to Frankie Goes To Hollywood is something that will be burned into my brain for a long, long, long time!).

It was a beautiful summer day (which lets face it was pretty bloody rare in summer 2023) and from the moment I arrived in the morning I was made to feel completely welcome and like I was just 'part of the family' - to the point of the Groom's dad proclaiming his love for me at the beginning of his speech. It was great because all of the guests just ignored me straight away so that I got some absolutely corking candid shots throughout the day and everyone was just comfortable being themselves - whether that was necking shots, dancing on tables or rapping to Gangster's Paradise.

Nothing was taken too seriously throughout the day which is exactly my kinda bag - even to Scott embracing the 'heartthrob' status he'd given himself with a little moment on the tractor in the evening.

I loved, loved, loved this wedding and just had an absolute ball! It was one of those weddings that it was almost painful to tear myself away to go home, I wanted to party all night with them all. Plus, Ashton Lodge is such a wonderful venue and they look after you bloody well!

01 / 95