If I had to sum this wedding up in a sentence it would be 'Just a bloody good time!'. From beginning to end this wedding was just a laugh riot of joy, fun and some serious cheekiness - I will never be able to look at a rolling pin the same way for the rest of my life!

I also got to work with my buddy Matt on videographer duty for the day who I always know I'm going to have a good time with (look him up at the link below) and with Nicola and Sidney just being up for a laugh and a play I knew it would be a breeze to photograph. With both of them getting ready in the same place it meant I was able to pop between the two and make sure that I could get some getting ready shots of both and learn some of the plans for the day - including some of the most extra flower guys I've ever seen. There were confetti cannons, gifts for the kids and tee shirts with the couple's faces and it set the tone perfectly for the guests to know they were going to be in for a good time.

This was epitomised when I learned that singing waiters had been organised by a very cheeky mother and they got the party going from the very first song! The guests were on their feet, napkins swinging and a conga line featuring dinosaurs and unicorns. Sometimes I describe things and they sound like a fever dream! Oh, plus, there was a doggo there too so you know I was happy!

Spending the evening in the wheat field at the back gorgeously backlit by the setting sun we had a little break from the day and also played with some smoke bombs which is always a good time! The evening was just as much fun with a full dance floor the entire time I was there! It was an absolute treat of a day and I loved it!

01 / 95


Venue - Manor Hill House

Videographer - Here's a Little Story

Hair - Harpers Hair Technique

Make Up - 50 Shades of Faye

Dress - Wed2B

Suits - Moss Bros

Singing Waiters - Sing Out Waitresses and Waiters