The moment I got the enquiry come through from Daryl and Nathan about their wedding I got instantly excited! I love the glasshouse in Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa - it was one of the places me and James would visit regularly when we started dating so it's somewhere very special for me. Plus the fact it's 100% gorgeous I was pretty jazzed.

This wedding was just bloody lovely from the get-go. They did their wedding day their way from the beginning. Daryl's experience as an event planner meant that there was a gang of helpers decorating the gorgeous Riverside Glasshouse venue filling it with balloons, botanical touches and organising the Lego wedding favours (I absolutely loved this idea and it was a real ice breaker on the tables making some real creations with a lot of Kenergy).

The whole day was just simple, relaxed and effortlessly elegant. Doing it their way; Nathan and Daryl scrapped some of the traditions they didn't want; there was no big party, a glam squad squeezed into a room. So they made some of their own. There were songs about carrots and turnips (it made me cry), the appearance of an ancient Roman Ghost (and his ghost daughter) and a ceramic crab.

Have a look at the absolute gorgeousness of this wedding below!

01 / 99